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History of the OES program

History of the OES program


The OES program had been put together in the time of July 2011 - October 2012. We had formulated the overall conception, study structure details and an implementation in that time. We had also utilised our long-time experience with creating individual study plans for talented students. As a result of our work and efforts the accreditation materials were submitted for the Accreditation Commission's approval. The materials were approved in December 2012. With the formal steps of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports following, the first year of the bachelor's program was opened with the beginning in September 2013.


Preparatory team

The preparatory team members were: prof. Jan Sýkora, prof. Marie Demlová, prof. Jan Hamhalter, prof. Pavel Hazdra, prof. Zbyněk Škvor, prof. Pavel Zahradník, prof. Ivan Zemánek.



  • 3/2013 - Admissions for first students
  • 12/2012 - Accreditation materials approved
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