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Bachelor's degree program

Bachelor's degree program

Bachelor's degree program

Characterization of the program
It focuses on providing a very universal, theoretical grounding on a wide basis of mathematics, physics and theoretically preparatory subjects of the electronic systems field. Most of the subjects are theory-based. Practically professional ones are decreased. The high universality is the reason why the program is constructed as one passage with a little variability. That prevents early specializations without appropriate foundations. Though the bachelor’s program is not a target by itself, due to the demanding character it serves perfectly as a selection of talented and creative students. They can easily orient themselves in any technical sphere. The uniting link and a core idea of the program is emphasis on “the education pyramid”. The lower level has to be more solid and wider than higher levels. The university essence of education is based on a timeless theory, not on an ability to do routine calculations. The program tops up the faculty portfolio of more of practical-professionally oriented programs with a straightly theoretical-university unit. Therefore the existing programs don’t mean competition but more a complement.

The subjects of the program are joined in following groups:
Common Fundamentals (CF)

    • compulsory subjects
    • providing general mathematical and physical foundations usable in major of technical fields

Professional Fundamentals (PF)

    • compulsory subjects
    • providing a universal training for the whole area covering the electronic systems

Humanistic and Soft-Skills subjects

The graduate profile
The graduate will obtain a wide and very universal technical grounding in the sphere of mathematics, physics, theory of electromagnetic field, theory of analogue and digital circuits, theory of systems, signal and communication processing and theory of semiconductors. The main goal of the program is to make students ready for the subsequent master’s degree studies with the wide spectrum of technical fields of study.

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