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English language

The OES program wants to be internationally open. It applies from the 3rd semester of the bachelor's studies. In first two semesters (which are considered to be a slow start), it will be exercised in a very limited extent. The international openness means that the educative materials (slides, books) may contain parts written in English (with progressively increasing amount). In selected cases (typically from the 5th semester or in sporadic cases from the 3rd semester) won't be the Czech and English form of the classes set apart. If at least one student or a teacher is a foreigner, a lecture/a seminar will be in English.

The regime will be applied adequately and moderately in the bachelor's phase, with a possible, individual help in Czech. It will be applied in a full scale in the master's stage.

By entering the OES program the student declares his acceptance of the above described principle. A verification of student's knowledge will be formally stated by passing the English exam (on a higher level) in the 2nd semester. The external language certificates can be accepted. The details are defined by the Department of languages. It also offers many language courses (in voluntary subjects group) that can help you to "fine-tune" your language knowledge. 

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